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August 15, 2010
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Mary Tudor by ShirleyWoodruff Mary Tudor by ShirleyWoodruff
Another work based on "The Tudors" series. One of my favourite characters, Mary Tudor, also known as "bloody Mary".

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SilentSamurai96 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
to think that someone as sweet as her could turn out to be so evil in the end
EllieMariana Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
She did turn her back on her mother - when Jane Seymour was Queen. She signed a document claiming Jane to be the rightful Queen, Edward the heir and herself a bastard. She also agreed that Henry was head of the church. So she turned her back on both eventually.
Balrog1262 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
That's because he bullied and coerced into saying that by her fat fuck of a father, dumbass.
Alexia19 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Let's say a child's father did not want to pay child support. Being a powerful member of politics he "arranges" for a a claim of abuse or immoral conduct to be made against the mother. Police comes in and does a investigation. Meanwhile the father offers to take care of the child. While their mother is sent to a insane asylum. While daddy's new girlfriend gets preggers. Daddy's new girlfriend don't share. So then mommy dies under really f%^$king suspicious circumstances. None of which include the fact that when the father and his brand new wife(which he married while still legally married to the old one before the courts made a judgement." Learn of her death. Throw a huge party, and are happy, and laughing. This child sees all of this. And then one of "daddy's special friends." Comes to her and tells her to sign the damn paperwork or she might see her mother really soon.

Are you that cold? He basically held a knife to her throat!!!!She saw what happened to her mother! And what? What was a 15 year scared girl suppose to do? Die? Tortured until she signed? This was a man who killed 2 wives publicly and the 1 (the great love of his life!)Most likely or Anne did it. So yes she choose life.

LIFE! Do you not understand that? She endured shame, humiliation, and rejection, by everyone for years. And never gave up.

Is that a coward to you?
diddles25 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yep, Katherine must have been relieved that her little daughter didn't turn her back on her mama!
Mary does not deserve the moniker of "Bloody Mary"; Elizabeth had her moments, such as the persecution of the Irish and her stance on torture; and their papa has the worst track record in my opinion. Daddie Dearest had her declared a bastard and married five more times to women who could have been her sisters and fretted more about a male heir than about her well-being.
Rocksy-Roxx Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
Mary did not deserve the title of 'Bloody Mary'. I am also into history and I must say that Elizabeth was no saint either, yet she is positively remembered by history.
ShirleyWoodruff Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
Thx for supporting! Elizabeth studied from her sister's mistakes, that's why she maybe was a better queen, but not a better person. But, I must agree with Lucrecia-89, that "Kill people because of faith was one of the biggest atrocities of world history, but she wasn't the only one for doing that, all tudor monarchs excetp Henry VII did the same". That time wasn't the best time to live in, anyway.
Rocksy-Roxx Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
There should also be noted that Elizabeth has plotted against Mary with a couple of other protestants.
Well, where's the 'Bloody Henry VIII'? He has killed way more people and ruined quite a lot of lives.
ShirleyWoodruff Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
To sum up - there're no saints amongst those, who have power at all.
Lucrecia-89 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
Lovely work!!
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